New Airtel Gprs Trick november 2011 also with new backquery

Hello friend of our last post about the tip or trick Airtel GPRS proud GPRS and Airtel GPRS trick last one was still a very successful work. And show us something new about this airtel.Using trick, you can browse and download from your finally free internet access on your Airtel SIM card.You should download manager application that we provide. Just read the full story and enjoy free Airtel GPRS trick.


Use the MO as a default for mobile.

Step 1: Download the Driver Application

Step 2: In the menu Handler

Proxy Server: Host Real

Proxy port:? / _rdr/cgi-bin/nph-proxy.cgi/000000A/http /

Step 3: Save the settings and open the browser or Opera UC.

Step 4: Enjoy Free GPRS on your Airtel mobile.

Note : This type of trick are working for some day only not for life time,so try at lower balance as possible.


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