Best way to make your computer faster Trick

Hello Friend . there are best way to make your computer faster  i am going to share A Trick to you.. Below are steps that i suggest you should implement to make your pc faster.

1. First  You go to notepad
2. Then write this in mystring=(80000000) without asterisk
3. Now Save it on your desktop and name it ram.vbe. Now You close notepad and double click 
on ram.vbe or ram.vbs  .nothing will open but your computer will get faster That's it.

 This script only free up small amount of ram memory after closing 2 or more applications. Useful for those who has less than 512MB ram memory.
For others, effect would not visible...
. Enjoy This Trick And Please Comment if You Like this post.


otoman said...

i hope this work in my pc,,,,
how about the internet???
how to make it fast???

mohammad rizwan said...

how to make your computer fast urdu

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