Free Skype Credit New Trick

Free Skype Credit New Trick 2012 , Bing recently announced the Ultimate Bing Experience Sweepstakes and much more. By Participating in those sweepstakes you can Get Free Skype Credits Worth $1.46. Cheap Internationale Calls can done using these Free Skype credits.

 Bing is the second largest search engine on the web; most of the users in United States are using Bing as Default search engine. According to the Alexa Global Traffic Ranking it’s in 22nd position. In United States its Alexa Traffic Ranking is in 14th position. Bing is the Top competitor for Google.

Get Started With Free Skype Credits:

Before we get started you need to have Hotmail or Facebook account.
Step 2: After you open the page you will find an option “Join Now” go to that page and you will find an options to Claim your Bing Rewards account with
1. Claim your rewards with Facebook
2. Claim your rewards with Windows live
Just Sign Up using any of the options on the page.  If you don’t have the Hotmail & Facebook account you will find an option to Sign Up for those accounts.
Step 3: After signing up successfully just go to the “Dashboard” where you will find some Task’s.
Step 4: Daily you need to Complete those Task’s you will be rewarded with some Credits.
Step 5: After you complete the Task’s in “Dashboard”, you need to go to “Tours” again there you will find 2 options “Welcome” & “Explore Bing”.
Step 6: Complete all the Bing Rewards Tours in those above 2 options, after you complete those Tours you will be rewarded with some Bing Credits and these points are one time points.
Step 7: And this way you need to complete few Task’s every day doing some simple Bing Searches and Clicks.
Step 8: Daily you can earn up to 15 Credits by doing 30 Bing Searches and few points for completing some Task’s or clicks.
Step 9: After you generate few credits you can redeem those credits. In the Bing Rewards page you will find an option “Redeem”, just go to that page and you will see May Offers.

How to Redeem Bing Credits:

You will find many Offers to redeem those Bing Credits; you need to collect required credits to Redeem or to participate in Bing Sweepstakes.
To get Free Skype Credits you need to have 100 Bing Credits, and to get Amazon $5 Gift Card you need to have 525 Bing Credits. On the site you will find many Offers. And you can enter in to Bing Sweepstakes to win Xbox 360 for Kinect Prize Pack with “FIFIA Soccer 13” and much more Sweepstakes are available.
And there are some Levels where you can get some Bonus and Discounts on the Sweepstakes and Offers, there are 3 levels
  • Member
  • Silver
  • Gold                           
  • If you reach Gold Level you have all the Benefits where you can get Free Skype Credits for only 90 Bing Credits. And up to 10% Discounts on all other rewards and etc.

    How to Redeem Free Skype Credits:

    After you reach 100 Bing Credits you can redeem those credits to get Free Skype Credits, after redeeming those credits within a few minute you will be emailed with Free Skype Credit Code and instructions to redeem those Free Skype Credits.
  • Visit
  • Sign in to your Skype Account
  • You will find an option to Redeem the coupon code
  • Enter your Free Skype Credit Code there and agree to the Skype Terms of Use and Click Redeem
  • Within few seconds you Free Skype Credits will be Credited to your Skype Account.
  • Each Free Skype Credit Worth is $1.46
 Using the above methods you can Generate Unlimited Free Skype Credits Daily. And call your Friends and Family for Free and stay connected with them. Cheap International and VoIP Calls can be done using Free Skype Credits. And A lot of fun also :) Keed Visiting this blog and will Update More soon :)


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