How to Improve Tata Docomo internet speed | activate 3G

This post guidelines might be very old but i still publish it because of many individuals is still in search of to improve TATA DOCOMO web rate. Its very easy to improve TATA DOCOMO web rate with 2G charge have to do only few activities.that is outlined below.
If you have 2G on your cellular ,
Step 1 : First charge your 2G cellular with Rs. 48 you will get 2GB web on your cellular.
Step 2 : Now deliver sms 3GLIFE to 53333 or you can also deliver this sms ACT3G to 53333
Step 3 : it may be possible that you can not get response from the TATA DOCOMO but see after 2 day you load that your web rate greater up to 125kbps[can not improve up to 500kbps because its no cost 3G]
Step 4 : Now your 3G is triggered on your cellphone,when your 2GB finish just charge with Rs.48 you will appreciate 3G rate without any disruption.

Note : Whenever you deliver sms to TATA DOCOMO use 3G cellphone only.[do not use GSM phone]


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