Latest trick for Free and Cheap Calls To Srilanka

These days a variety of companies give no cost and low rate calls to Sri Lanka.  The call and device should have same messengers and obviously a good web access. You can use any messenger according to your need such as The search engines discuss, MSN messenger; Skype etc. Never use the loudspeakers for telephone. Only use headsets for quality audio.  In order to know how you can be attached through various VoIP phoning solutions to get no cost calls in Sri Lanka, I will be briefing you about some messengers:


This program is quickly available on web. You can obtain it. you can enjoy  no cost calls to your associates. This app is also available the apple company iphone. Iphone customers can get it from Apple store. You can also get a profile to telephone using low rates. To get no cost calls to Sri Lanka obtain Skye from

Yahoo Messenger:

After visiting into The search engines Messenger switch 18003733411. Pay attention to owner. And when he says no cost calls, recurring the term “free call’ without simply clicking any option. Then switch your location variety. By this you can get five minutes no cost telephone to Sri Lanka.


You can get a low phoning strategy for Sri Lanka by Freecall. You can switch calls to both mobile phone devices and land lines. The strategy is for only 90 days and then it get ended. Even through this strategy you can get attached to your associates and family in more than 40 nations around the world. The cost of strategy is not too high and you can quickly get it through web.

To get the strategy, visit

Free calls from Gmail:

Google discuss allows its customers to get no cost telephone to many nations around the world especially Sri Lanka. You can get this assistance through you Googlemail profile.


 Other than these solutions, you can also use Gizmo5 and Flash2Voip for no cost phoning to Sri Lanka at any time.


Simplecall Mobile said...

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Saravana kumar said...

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