Two Methods to Change Windows 7 Password without Knowing Current Password

There are several ways to get the password for Windows 7 protection.In if you forgot the password can be reset to Windows with the Windows 7 DVD or Offline NT Password and Registry Editor. However, if you have access to any Windows account, you can change the password without changing the current password.
How can you change your password without knowing the password now Window7

Method 1:
*. Open the Control Panel and click Administration.*. In this section, Computer Management double-click.*. Select System Tools from the right side.*. In this line, just double-click Local Users and Groups and Users*. Now you can see all login accounts on your computer. On any account whose password you want to edit, click the right mouse button, then click Set Password.*. Warning message pop-up on the screen, just click the Next button.*. Then enter the new password and click OK.· All! Windows 7 for the password without changing the current limitation of this method parol.Edinstvennym your current user account must have administrator rights.
Method 2:

If you want to work on the command line, this method is for you.*. Open a command prompt, enter an administrator. (Type cmd in the Start menu, a right mouse button and select Run administrative)*. In the CMD window, type the following command and press EnterNet Account PasswordIn this command, replace the account name of the account name (account name is case sensitive), the password you want to modify, replace and install the password YourNew forgotten.*. Now, hopefully, you will ° ± command completed successfully on the screen, and choose the output type and press EnterThis will help you recover your current password in Windows


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