The Goal of Google AdSense Optimization

AdSense optimization — the practice of maximizing AdSense clicks and
revenues — has a golden rule
Don’t let your Google AdSense units look like ads!
People don't visit your website for ads. They want good content.
If you make the ads stick out with eye-popping colors, images or borders,
they will be easy to recognize as ads — and people will work extra hard to
avoid them.
Today's visitors are blind to banners, block pop-ups, weary of ads and
skeptical of contests and giveaways. They know what an ad look likes, and
they know how to look away.
If you want to win clicks, the ads that Google delivers have to look like
an integral part of your content.
It’s a straightforward policy but it’s not as easy as it sounds. If it were, there
wouldn't be so many grumpy people on Google Adsense forums complaining about
their low earnings.
It is not that they aren't doing anything about it. They simply aren't doing the
right things.
Let me assure you that in the time that I have been using Google Adsense, my
earnings have only gone up — and so will yours, if you apply the right
techniques seriously.


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