Using Colors To Increase Your Adsense Clicks

Today i will tell You about how to increase your Google Adsense clicks By Using colors

Log in to your AdSense account, click the AdSense Setup tab, select Get Ads
from the menu, and you’ll be offered a page load of options. You can choose
to see each of these options one at a time using the “Wizard” or you can go
through them all on a single page. I find that a single page lets me see
everything at once but it makes little practical difference. If you’re using the
new interface, which is Google is currently rolling out, you just have to click
the My Ads tab, followed by New Unit.
To create Google AdSense for Content unit, you will first have to choose between an
ad unit and a link unit, and — if you choose an ad unit — whether you want
both text and image ads, just text ads or just image/rich media ads. Once
you have made your choice (just text ads is a good place to begin) you will have
to pick a format. This is a whole issue in itself which I’ll discuss in Chapter 5,
but it will depends on where you are planning to put the ad. In general
though, big is good.
You will then choose your color palette.
An AdSense unit has five elements whose colors can be changed: the border;
the title; the background; the text; and the URL.
When it comes to the border, the basic principle is simple:

Make the border disappear
I have found that this one simple tweak can more than double click throughs!
Even before the Internet, ads in newspapers and magazines were marked off
with a thick, heavy border. No wonder borders and boxes have come to
symbolize advertising messages.
Ads with prominent borders make your pages look cluttered. They distract
the eye from the ad text, while marking off the ad blocks from the rest of the
Match the color of your ad unit’s border with the background color of your
web page.
When the border matches the background, it disappears. The page instantly
looks neater and the ads appear more inviting.


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