Shortcut to Lose Weight


 Breathing exercises direct to loss weight

 Completely Change your body into metabolic drive with this simple breathing exercise.
This breathing pattern will help you to burn 140 % more calories than riding a stationary bike! We now know that breathing, like aerobics, is a true fat-burning exercise simply by increasing the amount of oxygen curving through your lungs, you will drive out up to 70 % of the fat-trapping toxins in your body. If you exploit the oxygen reaching your gut, you will double your absorption of fat-burning nutrients. While the biochemical chain reaction above is complex, getting the slimming benefits isn't. The technique will clean every cell in your body in oxygen. And distinct diets of old, the results kick in immediately.

Take these 15 minutes of breathing exercises daily. These can be done in 5-minute sessions.
This technique, called Oxidize, can be performed in any position in entire time.
Inhale:Breath in completely and quickly through your nose, keep relax your stomach and face so you can take in as much air as possible.
Lift:while holding your breath, squeeze your abdominal muscles to pull in and lift your belly. Place your hands on your tummy.
Tilt and squeeze:Tilt your pelvic area in and up by keeping your shoulders slightly rounded, Squeeze and lift up your buttocks so slightly.
Exhale:Breathe out with resistance as if blowing through a straw. Keep your head up and your shoulders relaxed.


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