Bing New Features Relevant to Webmasters

What is Bing?
Bing is a new search engine from Microsoft. It crawls, analyzes, and indexes billions upon billions of webpages and other Internet content and relates all of that to keywords and phrases used by searchers (the principal way end users access the content of a search engine index). But in broader terms, Bing is really a decision engine a faster way to make more informed choices.

According to Research, people are relying more and more on Internet search. In fact, approximately 50 percent of web users use search every day and search is second only to e-mail in daily tasks performed by web users. These search page views span everything from shopping, travel, entertainment, research, work, local, socializing, sharing, and many more. The enormous quantity of content on the Internet can make sorting through a big, resulting list of relevant results difficult and frustrating for the searcher.

As a result of this continuous user engagement with search, Microsoft actively took on the challenge of improving user web search scenarios. Bing brings a new way of thinking to using SERPs, which has shown to demonstrably improve the satisfaction of searchers in finding the answers to their questions, often far faster and more easily than in the past.Here Is the Book Of Bing New Features Relevant to Webmasters


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