How To Approve Adsense Account Quickly

Making Money Through website is dream by everyone . But Now a days people are not following google adsense terms and condition . And there Google Adsense Account is not approved , many publishers apply to Google Adsense but there account is not approved , and at last they lose hope to earn money with website . Now here is a question that how you will approve your Google Adsense account .

Use Real Name Instead Of Nick Name : Many website owner they create a good website but while sending application to google adsense they do a big mistake . They use nick name instead of real name . Due to this Google Adsense did’nt approve there accounts .

Always have Quality Contents : Adsense also approve account of those websites who have quality contents . Because visitors concentrate on the quality content .

Avoid Copying Contents : The big reason of google adsense not approving account is copying contents from other website . Due to this Fact Google Adsense Didn’t Approve there Accounts . So if you need approve account so will write your own contents .

Do not apply quickly for adsense : Most of website publisher i haved seen that when they buy a domain they quickly apply for adsense and in there website no content is available due to this google adsense did’nt approved there accounts . For approving account you must always have atleast 30 contents which is written by you .


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