Disadvantages of Creating Free Website

Most of people i have found who do not waste there money on buying full domian and they apply for free website , and start working on free domain . But you will not find those facilities in free website which will be available in full domian . Here are some of the disadvantages of free website .

1 : You will be provided very limited space .

2 : You will not able to add more features such as chat room , videos e.t.c to your website .

3 : Many advertisement and pop-up for the company side will spoil your website banner .

4 : There will be not gurranty for your domain either it may be for future or will be banned with in few days .

5 : Your visitor will buy nothing from your website , if you are selling something on your website .

6 : There will be no support and feedback features .

7 : There will be No email accounts .

8 : Your website link will too large for example ( )

9 : Google Adsense Will Not approve your account easily .


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