Earn Money From Adsense

If you are having a domain , then you can apply for Adsense . Most of  people have heard about adsense but they did’nt know the way to use Google Adsense some fails and some succeed .  Adsense is ad serving program which allow publisher to put Google adsense contextual Ads on there website .  What do mean by contextual ads ? Contextual ads are those ads which relates with your website content for example ( your website is made on ” Making Money ” . So Making money ads will shown on your website ) . People do a big mistake when they place google ads on there website so they started clicking there ads with there ownself and due to this there adsense account is banned so you must read ” Google Terms and Condition ” that you may not go against Google .

Adsense for Content : It is the easiest way to Earn Handsome Money from adsense . In this program you can choose your own ad type you will be able to customized your ad . You Can also change the colour and ad size of your with your own choice .

Adsense For search : Adsense provided you a search box on which your website visitors will be allowed to search contents to other websites , at the top of search result some ads are placed by Adsense , when your visitor click on it you will be paid .

Adsense  For Domain : Adsense for Domain is a program , which a part of adsense . This Allow the domain owner to monetize parked domain without making your webpages . Actually Parked Domain did not  have real contents it is only having contextual ads on which ads will be shown related to your website name . For example , your website name is ( so this website have ads related to Free Tips.


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