Wiley Search Engine Optimization (seo) Bible

About the Author

Jerri Ledford is the author of more than a dozen technology books and hundreds of articles about
business and technology subjects. Her books and articles have been published in many languages
throughout the world. Jerri also writes and teaches technology courses online for organizations such
as HP, Forbes, AOL, and Sony. When she’s not buried in a writing project, Jerri spends all of her time
working on other writing projects or on the Alabama and Florida beaches with her children.

About the Technical Editor

Micah Baldwin is recognized as a leader in the search engine marketing industry, having helped
author several books on search engine marketing and often speaking at industry events. Micah started
Current Wisdom, a full-service search marketing agency, in 2003 after building ServiceMagic’s search
marketing initiative. In January 2007, Micah sold Current Wisdom to Indigio Group, a Denver-based
interactive agency, where he currently works as senior vice president, media strategy.

About This Book

Welcome to the Search Engine Optimization Bible. Search engine optimization has come
to mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. In the strictest sense, S.E.O is about
the on-page and off-page design strategies you can use to improve your search engine
ranking. This usually means tweaking your web site, using design elements and content. And in most
cases, it also means spending no money at all.

S.E.M, or Search Engine Marketing, is not just S.E.O. More accurately, S.E.M includes P.P.C or pay-per click

advertising. Search engine marketing is about doing whatever you need to do to ensure that
your web site ranks as high as possible in search engine results. This means not only that you make
the needed changes to your web-site design, but that you also employ other tactics, like using a paid
advertising program or investing in content strategies.

I lump them all into one category. The ultimate goal of S.E.M is to bring more people to your web
site. And you can do that by improving your search engines results. You can also do that by taking
advantage of a growing phenomenon on the Web, social media. Social media is a viral form of sharing
information on the Web. You might think of it as a more sophisticated method of sharing your
favorites or information that you think will interest other people. And using social media to improve
the traffic to your web site is called Social Media Marketing, or S.M.M.

I vote we do away with the alphabet soup completely. All these marketing efforts have one thing in
common: reaching your target audience. And today anyone who is not an S.E.O purist places all these
marketing methods under the S.E.M umbrella. All of them are methods for optimizing your web site
for the audience that you’re trying to reach. And as social media grow in popularity, they’re going to
be affected by and included in search engine results as well.

Every now and then, you need to step away from the crowd and stop doing what everyone else is
doing. In SEO, stepping out alone is usually rewarded with better traffic results. Everyone is doing
the same thing. And that does not mean that you should not. What it means is that you should do the
same thing in a different way. And that’s where the Search Engine Optimization Bible comes in.
Throughout the pages that follow, I’ll show you the best practices for search engine optimization and
provide insight into the theory behind the strategies that you’ll learn. These strategies are tested. They
work. For thousands of web sites. Use them to build on. Follow the best practices of search engine
optimization but do it creatively. Try something different. That’s how blogs became such a huge phenomenon.

It’s how social bookmarking and social communities caught on. Someone looked at marketing
in a different way and came up with a new angle.

So, use the information that you’ll find in the following pages to improve your search engine ranking.
Use it to improve the traffic to your web site. But most importantly, use it to reach highly targeted
customers who will take the actions you desire them to take on your web site. That customer
audience is always first. Remember this as you market, keep the audience as your focus, and your
efforts will be successful.

Download free Wiley S.E.O Search Engine Optimization Bible From My Blog.


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