Google Plus Announces 9 New Features

Google has announces 9 new features for Google Plus. Google plus open to all public . No sign-up required. Just go to and join google plus. (New to Google Plus? Here's how to use it.) For the past 11 weeks, the network has been in "field trial" mode, but Senior Vice President of Engineering Vic Gundotra says that it is now "ready to move from field trial to beta." Open sign-ups is touted as the 100th feature of Google Plus.

Hanouts - The video chat feature - have come to mobile, currently supporting Android 2.3+ devices, and IOS support is coming soon. Hangouts also now have an (On Air) feature, which allows any Google Plus user to tune in and watch. Furthermore, Hangouts now offer screen sharing, a shared sketchpad, and names for Hangouts. But Perhaps the killer application is Google Docs in Hangouts, which will open up the possibility of live collaborative work (especially once Google Apps accounts get access).

The huge announcement for developers, following last week's initial opening of the Google Plus API, is the opening of a (Developer Preview) of the Hangouts API, which allow's third-party developers to implement the same basic set of capabilities as the existing YouTube integration uses. The announcement calls it a (basic set) of APIs, but it is a big step up from what was announced last week.
Finally, the update also add native search to Google Plus, which turns up Google Plus content as well as stuff from around the Website for easiest sharing.

Conspicuously absent? There are still no brand pages, and Google Applications accounts still can not use Plus. Google Docs in Hangouts will dramatically expand the possibilities of using Google Plus for work

Enjoy Google Plus 9 New Features.


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